22 October, 2007


My son, who is 3, is harder to drop off at preschool now than when he was 18 months! Now he cries and clings and ducks and weaves to avoid his teacher. At a year and a half he trotted right in and started playing with the Little People Bus. Every day, same bus. Now I think he knows there are options. On Tues and Thurs we don't go to work/preschool, and he'd rather stay home with me every day! When I pick him up at lunch time, he's always playing happily and excited to show me what he made that day. He's my baby, though, and he just has a way of tugging at my heart -- and making my mornings just a little more stressful!


lorna (see throughfaith) said...

remember it well. Now as they are teenagers well even the terrible twos and threes seem lovely :)

Wonderful you enjoy the sauna. Now I'm curious where you were an exchange student. Maybe you could write a post sometime :)

PS if you come to visit ... we'll warm the sauna for you.Actually it'll be on later today if you aren't too busy :)

CoG said...

Oh, if only I could get away! Thanks for the invitation! I lived in Vantaa, but my host family did a great job of helping me see much of the country.